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How often should I wax?

A common question is how often to wax. The growth cycle of hair is every 4 weeks. That said, from years and years of experience I see a wide variety of growth rates. Some people come in every two weeks and some come in every 6, but in general for most people every 4 weeks is perfect. This also is affected by how active you are. For instance, in the summertime almost all of my clients notice increased hair growth. It's just easier to be out and about - take a walk, go for a swim or a bike ride... all that extra movement makes your hair grow faster. So, that's something to keep in mind when scheduling - regular appointments can help you avoid the last minute dash to get in or having to wait if your favorite technician is already booked.

Put. The. Razor. Down. Tempting though it may be, shaving irritates the skin which can make your next wax more painful. So, it's like starting from scratch. And you get that fun 'waiting for it to grow out' phase - which your hair will seem coarser being cut at a blunt edge rather than growing in at a fine point.

Make sure you're ready for the pool. Call me:)

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