signature facial  I  80
Take an hour to retreat into a warm relaxing cocoon that will revitalize your skin. Start with two cleanses, and then massage, exfoliation, extractions, mask, and moisturizer. As the amazing products do their work you get a choice of two of the following massages: hand and arm, scalp, or foot.
*First time please allow more time for skin analysis.

express facial  I  55
When you don’t have the time but your skin still needs some love. This 30 minute treatment is short, but sweet.


lavish facial  l 105

Treat yourself! The same as the signature facial but with 90 minutes there is time for an additional mask, foot soak, and hand and arm, scalp, and foot massage. 

acne clearing facial l 60 min 85

acne clearing facial l 90 min 110

gentleman's facial  l 30 min 55

                               l 60 min 80

                               l 90 min 105

body zen (formerly cloud 9)*  60 minutes 95

                                                90 minutes 120

The best of both worlds and more...1/2 facial and 1/2 full body relaxation including singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, body exfoliation, and warm stones.

Ladies only


chemical exfoliation AHA/BHA  I add 20

Your skin will glow as fresh healthy skin cells come to the surface faster while dull flattened cells slough off. Good bye rough dry skin!   Lactic acid is wonderful for dry skin and irregular pigmentation. The banana blend is best for acne.  And glycolic is the best as general exfoliation that helps with fine lines, break outs, and the over all texture of your skin.  ** Our esthetician will help you make the best choice for your skin needs. 

cupping  I  add 15
Tiny suction cups and organic coconut oil move lymph and increase circulation and hydration. Look as great as you’ll feel. Good bye jowls and puffy eyes… hello beautiful skin!

facial gua sha   add 15

facial gua sha is an ancient Chinese massage technique using a much gentler version of 'scraping' than done on the body.  This technique brings in a rush of oxygenated blood with rich nutrients to the dermal layers increasing stimulation, lymph drainage, and release muscle tone. It helps with puffiness, fine lines, and the general texture of your skin.  And bonus - it feels amazing!

warm and cold stone  I  add 10
Add the luxurious contrast of warm and cold stones into your facial for relaxing and rejuvenating effects for glowing beautiful skin.   


warm oil scalp massage  I  add 10
Wish your hair dresser would never stop at the shampoo bowl?  Organic coconut oil, scalp massage, acupressure, neck and shoulder release... all used to add a bit of decadence to the day.

scented foot soak  I  10

scented foot soak with sugar scrub 15

scented foot soak with glycolic acid I 25

Take a minute to decompress before your treatment. Pamper your tired achy feet with a warm foot bath laced with essential oils and salts  Warm neck wrap included.