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eyebrows  I  20                                       
lip, chin, or cheeks  I  12                        
lip & chin  I  25                             
eyebrows & lip or chin   I  25    
eyebrows, lip, and chin l 35               
1/2 face (cheeks, chin, lip)   40               
full face (brows, cheeks, lip, chin) 45         
hairline  15                                                
brow tint  15                                              
nose  12                                                  
ears  12                                                      
bikini (ladies only)  45                                         
rio (ladies only)  I  55
brazilian l 65                                             
full leg  I  70                                                 
half leg  I  45                                                 
full leg & bikini   110                                   
full leg & rio l 120
full leg & brazilian l 130                                          
toes & feet  I  10                                           
underarms  I  20                                          
arms half  I  30                                              
arms full  45                                          
fingers & hands  I  10                                  
abdomen  20                                             
chest  I  50                                                   
chest & abdomen  65                                   
back  I  50
"The Elmer" (gentleman's clean up) ears, nose, between
the brows, scented hot towel  up  l 25                                    

what to expect

•  Your hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch long in order

   to be picked up by the wax.

•  Please allow hair to grow (no shaving!) for 10 days to

   two weeks.

•  If your hair is fully grown in you may trim or leave it to
   the  pro to take care of that part.
•  Gently exfoliation before and after to help prevent

   ingrown hairs.
•  Please inform your technician of any medication you are

   on, including accutane, retin-A, anti-biotics, or any other

   medications that can cause skin sensitivity.
•  Feel free to use a pain reliever before your appointment

   also taking an anti-acid can help.
•  Refraining from caffeine, acidic, and foods/drinks high in

   sugar will make your experience more pleasurable.
No tanning (sun or tanning bed) the day of.

 •  Waxing is not recommended if you have diabetes,     lupus, or are using doctor prescribed acne medication.



Do you wax men?

Yes. Everything but Brazilian.... that takes additions skills to be safe and, while I DO have skillz, I don't have those skills.


Can I still get waxed if I have my period?

Yes. Based on your comfort level (you may be more sensitive). Please wear a tampon.

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