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meet christyn

A note from Christyn:

Skin care has changed a lot over the last two decades to put it mildly.  As I reflect back over the years as to what worked well and what didn't, it's become more and more apparent where I shine and can best serve you - my beloved clients.  The reason I went into esthetics was my own experience with my first facial.  It felt SO AMAZING!  I was shocked that I loved it even more than massage.  The scents, the various temperatures, the little fan brush that applied enzymes and masks, the detailed face, neck, and decollette massage. Also the education piece, it was fascinating to learn how the skin worked and simple ways to care for this magical organ we so often take for granted.  I was sold. It's been a bit of a homecoming.  Back to my roots, my core nature, and my first love. 

I quickly saw the extreme benefit of adding facials to a holistic wellness self care routine. While many estheticians focus on corrective and clinical skincare (peels, dermaplaning, fillers) trying to keep up felt inauthentic to my own purpose and practice. That said, I've decided to forego he trends  and focus on my zone of excellence - deep, profound, luxurious relaxation. In my opinion, it is far more than pampering, it is a necessity for a healthy well rounded self caring life style.


I've created facials and body treatments that I would want myself 


In recent years the evidence is piling up on the importance of lowering stress as much as possible. In order to keep anxiety at bay I've created facials and body treatments that I would want myself.  I've taken of all the wonderful things I've learned in the 20+ years as an esthetician and massage therapist and included them into my facials, body zen, and sound retreat services. While I no longer offer massage, the skills I learned will never leave me.  As I mentioned earlier, it was time to focus and zone in on what I'm best at.

Your skin will still benefit as well. 

deep relaxation calms the vagus nerve, which reduces anxiety and guides you into the parasympathetic state

My goal is to create a warm, welcoming space and time for deep relaxation and calming the vagus nerve to help you release tension and anxiety and lull you into parasympathetic state where you can unwind, heal, and recharge. 

As for waxing - It's still a lot of fun! I love to 'clean up an area' - getting rid of the unwanted hair so what is left can reflect your beauty and ease.  

Thanks for joining me on this journey. For now I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Know who you are.

Accept who you are not.

Embrace it all. 

Cheers, warmth, and good health - Christyn

Christyn Rittenhouse

Owner of Smooth, located in Rockford Il.  since 2001

B.A. in Psychology, and minor in Sociology from Northern Illinois University.

Certified Life coach through CTI (Coach Training International) ACC, PCPP

PQ trained (Positive Intelligence, PQ coaching). 

Her focus is on clarity, empowerment, and taming the inner critic (rumination/saboteurs)...AND clutter coaching/consulting.  For more information around coach and decluttering please see:


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